Mixed Use 2018 Year End Sales Report

SOURCE: Mixed Use 2018 Year End Sales Report by SVN CPEX Real Estate

January 1, 2019

In the following pages you will find a detailed analysis of mixed use sales activity in each of the Boroughs Zip Codes. In each Zip Code we show how many properties of the type are in that Zip Code. Next, we show how many of the total traded: Our Report then details total square footage sold: Lastly, we show the average price per square foot of the property class that sold in the subject Zip Code.

By breaking each transaction down by Zip Code we are able to show a level of detail that is missing from most reports that lump all sales in the Borough into one average data point for all of Brooklyn. The greater detail in our report makes it easy to see which neighborhoods are seeing higher sales velocity and the most significant change in price from the prior year.

We trust this analysis will be helpful to owners, investors, buyers, appraisers and all those seeking detailed accurate data regarding the Brooklyn Commercial Real Estate Sales Market.

All information was gleaned from Public Records and contains all trades except those that were deemed by our research team to be of a non-arm’s length transaction, for example, intrafamily trades or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.
SVN CPEX Real Estate is proud of our work and will continue to provide timely and accurate data regarding the New York City Marketplace.
For additional copies or information about citing this report call James O’Neill at (718) 935-1800.

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